Supplier Assurance

Comprehensive solutions to help you make sure there are no weak links in your supply chain.

Sourcing Partnerships That Last

Does the new factory you're considering for your next production run meet all the right criteria for quality management? What's the best way to enfore your ethical standards without creating compliance fatigue on the supplier end? How do you capture a transparent picture of safety and working conditions at your factory? Can I work with my factory to upskill according to my specific standards? 

QIMA's supplier assurance solutions help you answer these questions and many more, so that your business relationships with your suppliers are a true win-win. Explore our solutions below.

Ethical Audits

Verify social, safety and labor conditions in your supplier's factories.


Structural Audits

Analyze the structural integrity and safety of your supplier's premises.


Environmental Audits

Monitor and improve the environmental impact of your supply chain.


Technical Audits

Comprehensive assessment of a factory's systems and processes to improve quality levels.


Manufacturing Audits

Evaluate a potential or existing supplier's capabilities and quality management systems


C-TPAT Audits

Improve the security of private companies' supply chains in respect to terrorism.


Factory Sanitation Audits

Ensure your suppliers are abiding by best practice hygiene measures.


GHP Audits

Ensure your food supply chain abides by international hygiene requirements.


GMP Audits

Improve your food safety and quality systems.


Worker Voice Services

Provide safe and confidential channels for workers to report complaints.


Factory Improvement

Support continuous improvement at your supplier's factories.


Training & E-Learning

Educate inspectors, auditors and suppliers to your requirements.