Factory Improvement Services

Help your suppliers’ factories improve continuously to meet your quality and compliance standards, as well as international requirements.

What Happens After an Audit?

When you receive an audit report and the Corrective Action Plan (CAP), the audit may be over, but our joint work to improve your supplier’s factory is only beginning. After all, the ultimate purpose of any supplier audit program is to improve your suppliers’ facilities with regard to ethical compliance, structural safety, and environmental management. Our Factory Improvement Services are designed to achieve exactly that.

Driving Improvement in Real Time

QIMA Factory Improvement Programs follow a standard audit path, and focus on the Corrective Action Planning process to implement durable and sustainable improvement, with clear timelines and chains of responsibility. Working based on the audit results, QIMA experts assist the implementation of CAPs and Improvement Programs, supporting you and your supplier every step of the way. Furthermore, we analyze the underlying causes of the existing non-compliances, and help the factory take the measures necessary to eliminate them and prevent future failures.

Coordination, Training and Support

Our Factory Improvement programs are designed in close collaboration with your CSR team, implemented by QIMA Technical Experts, and coordinated by your dedicated Account Manager. An experienced QIMA auditor will also be available to answer any technical questions arising in the scope of the program. We also provide training for senior management, owners, line supervisors, and factory staff in the issues of quality control and compliance, to help minimize future risks and prevent reoccurrence of past failures.

Follow-Up and Completion

Consistent follow-up is the only way to guarantee that your supplier implements the necessary action outlined in the CAP. We help you establish effective communication with your suppliers and engage them in the quality and compliance management process, ensuring that the changes they make contribute to lasting improvement. Follow-up audits conducted at set intervals after the start of the improvement program give you a real-time view of the progress made by the supplier, and help identify remaining gaps and areas of concern.